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2200W 3HP V-Style 2 Piston Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Pump Motor Head Single Stage Motor 250l /min Air Compressor Pump Head for Machinery Auto Repair

2200W 3HP V-Style 2 Piston Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Pump Motor Head Single Stage Motor 250l /min Air Compressor Pump Head for Machinery Auto Repair

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About this item

  • ?Smooth Running?— The belt drive design with a standard pulley plays a balance and correction role to avoid bearing displacement, making the machine run smoother.
  • ?High Efficiency?— The ASSAB special valve steel hair piece, 3HP power, maximum air supply of 8.8CFM, extended cylinder(65mm in diameter), 115 PSI discharge pressure, and high speed of 1050rpm improve gas supply efficiency.
  • ?Excellent Cooling Performance?— The copper-plated aluminum tube and evenly distributed heat dissipation fins on the outside make the machine dissipate heat faster, ensuring stable operation and extending the service life of the host.
  • ?Low Noise?— It is equipped with two air filters and two silencers to filter moisture from the air, which speeds up inflation and reduces noise, making it more comfortable for you to use.
  • ?Visible Oil Mirror?— It can help you determine whether you need to add lubricating oil or change the oil, which is very convenient to use.
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This air compressor pump has high hardness, tensile strength, and compression resistance, allowing you to use it with peace of mind. The powerful heat dissipation performance enables it to quickly cool the machine. The air filter muffler can ensure low noise operation of the machine. It will be a good assistant for you to improve working efficiency.

It is widely used in the chemical industry, light industry, textile, food processing, health, electronics, machinery, mining, construction, scientific research, factory, home decoration, auto repair, and others.

Color: Blue
Martial: Cast Iron
Process: Polishing, Plastering, Painting
Power: 2200W, 3HP
Exhaust Capacity: 250L/Min(8.8cfm)
Discharge Pressure: 8 Bar(115 PSI)
Speed: 1050rpm
Cylinder: 65 x 2
Product Size: 34*26*33cm/13.4*10.2*13in
Net Weight: 13.5kg/29.76 lbs
Gross Weight: 16.08kg/35.45 lbs

Package Included
1* Air Compressor Pump Head
1* Nozzle

1. When placing the pump head, the motor pulley and the belt pulley must be in the same straight line. The more aligned, the less vibration.
2. Please tighten the screws, including the base and pulley screws.
3. After installing the screws, please tighten the belt. If the belt is loose, please move the motor. After tightening the screws, please reinstall the belt.
4. If the motor speed is 2880 rpm, the motor wheel diameter is 3.9". If the motor speed is 1440 rpm, the motor wheel diameter is 7.87".
5. Before starting a new machine, it must be filled with oil, which should be added to the center of the red point of the oil mirror.
6. The rotation direction of the pump head is clockwise. If it is reversed, please adjust it in time.
7. Please change the oil in the first half month, the second one and a half months, and then two or three months.
8. Please replace the air filter regularly. Under normal circumstances, it must be replaced within two to three months, and if the environment is bad, it must be replaced within one month.
9. High temperature will be generated when the machine is running, please be careful not to burn yourself!
10. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

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