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52cc 2-stroke 2.3HP Gas Powered T-Post Driver Fence Farm Push Pile Gasoline Engine Push Post Driver Gas Powered Kit Tool for Outdoor Farm Garden Working

52cc 2-stroke 2.3HP Gas Powered T-Post Driver Fence Farm Push Pile Gasoline Engine Push Post Driver Gas Powered Kit Tool for Outdoor Farm Garden Working

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About this item

  • ??High Efficient: The powerful 1900W, 52cc two-stroke engine enhances its maximum impact speed to a maximum rotational speed of 6500RPM, enabling efficient and precise completion of various pile driving tasks.
  • ??Selected Materials: The ABS shell maintains lightweight while ensuring durability. Sprayed aluminum, blackened iron, and alloy steel are all sturdy and durable. The soft and anti-slip HDR protective cover greatly reduces the recoil force of the machine, making it easy to grip and use.
  • ??Smooth Operation: Four high-quality shock absorption springs on both sides and advanced cooling vents ensure the stable operation of the machine with minimal impact and lower temperature. A two-stroke engine is not prone to cylinder pulling or stalling even after prolonged operation, allowing you to use it with confidence.
  • ??Easy to Use: You only need to quickly and continuously pull the starting pull rope to start the machine. The design of the integrated handle switch enables easy and safe starting and shutting down. The design of infinitely adjusting speed through hand pressure also achieves easier speed control.
  • ??Large Semi-transparent Fuel Tank: A 0.26gal large capacity and semi-transparent fuel tank allows you to monitor fuel usage at any time, replenishes fuel promptly and makes your work more efficient.

This petrol post driver is suitable for professional or daily household users to use in a series of pile-driving projects such as fences, star stakes, stakes, geophysical exploration, buildings, guardrails, brackets, photovoltaic power stations, forestry seedlings, vineyard brackets, vegetable planting, orchard brackets, fence protection, etc.


Material: ABS, Iron, Aluminum, Alloy Steel, HDR

Surface Treatment: Spray-paint, Blackening

Color: Black, Red, Grey

Power Source: ?Gas Powered

Starter System: Hand Pull Start

Engine Type: Two-stroke, Air Cooling, Single-cylinder

Number of Items: 1

Power: 1900W

Noise: ?103DBA

Displacement: 52cc

Max. Torque: 3.5N.m

Gasoline Type: #92

Impact Energy: 30-55J

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1L/0.26gal

Impact Frequency: 1300-3000BPM

Fuel Consumption Rate: 1L/0.26gal/h

Maximum Rotational Speed: 6500RPM

Fuel Type: Mixed Oil (25 Gasoline: 1 2-stroke Engine Oil)

Gross Weight: 22.7kg/50lbs

Net Weight: 20.95kg/46.18lbs

Equipped Socket Size: 55mm/2.17in(Small), 70mm/2.76in(Big)

Product Size: 80*35*25cm/31.5*13.78*9.84in

Package Size: 73*44*35cm/28.74*17.32*13.78in

Package Included?

1*Petrol Post Driver

2*Post Driving Heads

1*Oil-mixing Kettle

1*Tools Kit


1*Filter Nozzle

1*English Manual

All Accessories for Assembly


1.Please read the manual carefully and strictly follow the precautions for a better experience.

2.If this product does not hammer, please check if too much lubricating oil has been added. Clean the excess oil in the cylinder and add about 20 grams of high-temperature resistant lubricating oil again.

3.If the impact frequency is too high to hold by hand, it is recommended to slightly reduce the speed of

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