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Air Compressor Pump, Air Compressor Pump with Flywheel, 4-5 HP Replacement Air Compressor Pump 3 Cylinder 10-12 CFM Max, 0.36m³/min/12.7cfm Exhaust Volume + Air Filter Muffler

Air Compressor Pump, Air Compressor Pump with Flywheel, 4-5 HP Replacement Air Compressor Pump 3 Cylinder 10-12 CFM Max, 0.36m³/min/12.7cfm Exhaust Volume + Air Filter Muffler

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About this item

  • ????????????? ?????????????????????By controlling the switch of different pump heads, air compressor pump can supply air to several equipments at the same time, avoiding single point of failure affecting the whole production line and improving the efficiency of air supply. Multiple pump heads can reduce the pressure and flow rate of each pump head, thus reducing the power and energy consumption of the compressor
  • ??????????????????????? ???????????????????????Large crankcase makes the machine run smoother and less prone to oil leakage during operation. Longer cylinder (65mm diameter) increases the stroke for fast inflation
  • ????????????????????? ?????????????Threaded oil cap helps to realize convenient and tight connection and avoid oil leakage; standard pulley plays the role of balancing and calibrating to avoid bearing displacement and make the machine run more smoothly; integrated structure and pre-drilled holes on the base make the installation very easy
  • ????????????????? ???????? ??????????????????????? Dual iron breathing nozzles reduce pressure and temperature inside the machine. External aluminum tubes and evenly distributed heat sinks dissipate heat faster, ensuring stable operation and prolonging the service life of the machine
  • ????????????????? ???????????????????????The air filter with sound deadening function makes it run with low noise, providing you with a relatively quiet working environment. Cast iron air compressor pump is widely used in chemical, light industry, textile, food processing, health, electronics, machinery, mining, construction, scientific research and other industries
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Color: Black

Material: Cast Iron, Aluminum

Power Source: Electric

Cylinder: 65mm*3

Maximum Working Pressure: 0.8MPa/115PSI

Maximum Speed: 1030rpm (Matching the Overall Machine Speed)

Exhaust Volume: 0.36m³/min/12.7cfm

Pipe Interface: 19mm/ 3/4in

Matching Motor Power: 3KW/4HP

Gross Weight: 21kg/46.29 lbs

Package Size: 44*33*38cm/17.32*12.99*14.96in

Package Included:

1*Air Compressor Pump

3*Air Filter Mufflers


1.It should match the motor power. Please pay attention to the product specifications before ordering.

2.When placing the pump head, the motor pulley and the belt pulley must be in the same straight line. The more aligned, the less vibration.

3.After the screws are installed, the belt shall be tightened. If the belt is loose, please move the motor. After the screws are tightened, reinstall the belt.

4.The new machine must be filled with engine oil before starting(Special engine oil for air compressors must be used), and the engine oil shall be added to the center of the red point of the oil mirror. Please change the oil for half a month for the first time, one and a half months for the second time, and change the oil for the next four to five months. Please pay attention to observation at ordinary times. If it is not enough, replenish it in time.

5.The rotation direction of the pump head is clockwise. If it reverses, please adjust it in time.

6.Please replace the air filter regularly. Under normal conditions, it must be replaced in two to three months, and in case of a poor environment, it must be replaced in one month.

7.The operation of the machine will produce high temperature, please be careful not to burn!

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