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Infinity Cutting Tools

Infinity Cutting Tools Drill Press Table & Fences (Drill Press Table with Std. Fence)

Infinity Cutting Tools Drill Press Table & Fences (Drill Press Table with Std. Fence)

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About this item

  • Sturdy construction with laminated surfaces, top & bottom
  • T-tracks t add stops & hold downs
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Fences will work with any after-market table
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Infinity Tools Drill Press tables are designed to securely hold your work piece while using drill bits and Forstner bits when woodworking. The tables are designed to fit 12” to 20” drill presses and give you lots of clamping options when woodworking. The large 16” x 24” (15-1/4” x 23-1/4”) table (DPT-201) is made of a sturdy 1” premium plycore construction with tough Microdot laminate surface and is “balance laminated” on the bottom to guarantee that it remains smooth, stiff and flat. We also provide a center insert made of ½” thick material that is easily replaceable and allows you to drill through-holes up to 4” in diameter without damaging the surrounding table top. To ensure proper fitment, we install four leveling screws under the center spoil insert. The two included toggle clamps and screws allow the Infinity Drill Press Table to easily mount to drill presses with open or closed t-slots. Unlike other woodworking drill press tables, ours can be removed in a matter of seconds and reinstalled just as quickly. This means that you can use your drill press for both woodworking and metalworking applications without compromise. See video for installation procedure. We offer two fence options with our table, with the standard fence (DPF-100) measuring 1” x 2” x 24” and made from precision extruded aluminum with integrated t-slots and finished on both sides with molded end caps. The t-slots allow the use of fence-mounted stop blocks, clamps and hold downs that use a ¼-20 bolt mounting system. When extra drilling depth is needed the fence can be used with the 1” face as the guide surface. A pair of tall knobs and included hardware secure the fence to the work top and allow you to quickly secure the fence exactly where you need it. We also offer the Standard Drill Press Fence as a package with the table (item DPT-100). Our new Professional Drill Press Fence (DPF-200) solves many common, as well as advanced, drilling needs. From solid registration for your drilled holes, to dust and chip extraction, courtesy of the aluminum extruded fence with built-in dust port and included adaptor for shop vac hoses. Breathe easier and work safer without dust and debris in the air, thanks to our integrated dust collection system. The dust port can easily be switched to either end of the fence to best fit your shop set-up. The Professional Drill Press Fence is also offered in a package with our table (DPT-200). We also offered our flip stop (FSS-DPF) built specifically for this fence! Accessories include replaceable Drill Press Table Inserts (DPT-IP3) in a convenient 3-Pack, and aluminum Hold-Downs for the Mini T-Track (100-662) with 1/4" x 20 bolt.

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