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JACO 4X4 Ultimate Off Road Tire Accessories Kit | Inflate, Air Down, and Repair Tires

JACO 4X4 Ultimate Off Road Tire Accessories Kit | Inflate, Air Down, and Repair Tires

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  • TrailPro 12V Air Compressor: Boasting a high-output 3.5 CFM motor, this heavy-duty air compressor efficiently inflates tires on various vehicles. Its 25 ft. coiled air hose with an inline glow-in-dark pressure gauge and built-in rapid air down deflator enhances its practicality in all off-road conditions.
  • Elite Digital Tire Gauge - 100 PSI: Achieve shop-grade accuracy with this rugged and reliable tire gauge, offering precise readings up to 100 PSI. The gauge’s advanced engineering locks readings on the display, complemented by a built-in rapid air bleeder valve for perfect tire pressure adjustments.
  • RapidFlow Tire Deflator: This deflator simplifies the process of adjusting tire pressure for various terrains, providing a quick and accurate method to air down when tackling challenging off-road conditions, enhancing traction and vehicle performance.
  • TRX-50 Tire Repair Kit: Be prepared for any punctures with this comprehensive 50-piece tire repair kit, including tools and accessories built to the highest standards. It's the perfect emergency roadside companion for quick tire puncture repairs and valve maintenance.
  • Durability and Reliability: All components in this bundle are crafted for rugged use, from the TrailPro’s ultra-rugged design to the solid brass and steel construction of the tire gauge. Backed by JACO's industry-leading warranties, this bundle is a reliable addition to any off-road enthusiast's gear.
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Embark on your off-road adventures with confidence using the JACO 4X4 Ultimate Off Road Tire Accessories & Tools Bundle. This comprehensive kit includes the TrailPro 12V Air Compressor, Elite Digital Tire Gauge - 100 PSI, RapidFlow Tire Deflator, and TRX-50 Tire Repair Kit. Designed for the rugged demands of off-road conditions, this bundle provides everything you need for tire repair, inflation, and air down, ensuring your journey is uninterrupted and safe.

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