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Just Thrive PREbiotic Powder - Digestive and Immune Support Supplement, 150 g

Just Thrive PREbiotic Powder - Digestive and Immune Support Supplement, 150 g

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  • Gut Health Powder For a Thriving Gut Microbiome: In the same way fertilizer helps your garden grow, prebiotics are fibers that fuel the growth of microorganisms in your gut. Many prebiotic products feed both good and bad gut microorganisms. PREbiotic's 3 "smart" fibers are clinically proven to only feed the good ones.
  • Pairing with Probiotics Can Boost Good Microorganism Population: When combined with Just Thrive Probiotic, studies show PREbiotic can more than double your population of good microorganisms. A probiotic helps create your gut's good microorganisms, giving prebiotic powder plenty of good microorganisms to feed!
  • Immune Boosters For Adults and Children: This prebiotic fiber's ability to increase your gut's good microorganisms' population helps provide you with crucial immune support. Butyrate is the primary fuel for your natural killer immune cells, and PREbiotic can drive butyrate function.
  • Natural Ingredients: Ingredients matter, which is why PREbiotic is microbiologist-formulated, evidence-based, and non-GMO. Its formula is made without gluten, soy, sugar, and nuts and suitable for those on the vegetarian, paleo, or keto diet. All while having a tropical flavor!
  • Our Quality Promise: Just Thrive is passionate about good health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products. We believe that everyone – including your pet – deserves access to effective, top-quality supplements and the opportunity to not just feel good, but to thrive!

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