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Portable Air Compressor Built in Power Converter Real Time Temperature Display DC 12V for Outdoor Activities

Portable Air Compressor Built in Power Converter Real Time Temperature Display DC 12V for Outdoor Activities

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About this item

  • Convenient Portability with Built-in Converter: This PCP air compressor can conveniently be powered by a DC12V onboard battery, making it easy to carry when on the go. It is important to note that the temperature should not exceed 75?, and it should be promptly closed for cooling.
  • Stable and Efficient Operation: Designed for oil- operation, this air compressor eliminates the need for cooling water circulation. It features a built-in 12500rpm cooling fan that automatically starts running when the switch is turned on, ensuring work stability.
  • Real-time Temperature Display: The inclusion of a real-time temperature display enhances safety and convenience during air pumping, eliminating the need for refill fees or trips to the dive shop.
  • Premium Design Features: Equipped with an 8mm female thread quick connector, this compressor allows for effortless connection and immediate pumping. It also features O rings and filter elements, while the replaceable water filter on the hose ensures clean and dry compressed air.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Powered by a 300W brushless motor, this air compressor can deliver pressures up to 4500PSI or 30Mpa, making it suitable for various applications such as diving, outdoor activities, fire fighting, and PCP inflation. Filling a 0.5L from 0 to 300 bar takes approximately 25 minutes, while reaching from 200 bar to 300 bar takes just 10 minutes.
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Item Type: PCP Air Compressor
Pump Type: High pressure air HPA compressor, only for dry compressed air.
Maximum Inflation Pressure: 300BAR, that is 4500psi, 30MPa.
Maximum Inflation Capacity: 0.5L, 500cc.
Inflation Rate: 0-300BAR, about 25 minutes.
Compression Limiter: User selected shutdown.
Working Voltage: DC 12V, can be powered by DC 12V on board battery.
Cooling System: Fan Air Cooling
Filter System: Filter with replaceable drying medium and dust filter
Air Hose: 8mm quick connector is provided.

How to Use:
Take out the product and use it after installation.

Package Contain:
1 x PCP Air Compressor
1 x Air Hose
1 x DC 12V Cable for Car Battery
1 x User Manual
18 x Accessory

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