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VEVOR Bench Buffer Polisher, 8 inch Buffing Machine 350W 3\/4HP Motor with 3600 RPM & WEN Bench Grinder Stand, 32-Inch with Water Pot (4288T)

VEVOR Bench Buffer Polisher, 8 inch Buffing Machine 350W 3\/4HP Motor with 3600 RPM & WEN Bench Grinder Stand, 32-Inch with Water Pot (4288T)

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About this item

  • Product 1: 8" Buffer Benchtop: The bench buffer polisher with 8 inch O.D. cotton wheels is focused on showing the original smooth surface of your pieces such as jewelry, plastic, watches, etc. Compared with manual work, the machine can significantly improve your efficiency.
  • Product 1: 3/4HP High Efficient Motor: The buffer benchtop is equipped with a 350W 3/4HP copper motor. 3600 RPM speed ensures your high-efficiency polishing work. In addition, our engine features less noise and quick heat dissipation.
  • Product 1: Durable Iron Construction: This buffing machine is made with an iron base and produces minimal vibrations. Four rubber feet underneath the bench buffer keep the device in place on a table for light use, easily fitted on any workbench.
  • Product 1: Secure & Easy Installation: This 8 inch benchtop buffer grinder is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry everywhere. The machine adopts a dynamic balance adjustment mechanism, which can automatically keep balance. Two sides end have threats with a jam nut that ensures wheels' more stable working.
  • Product 2: Heavy-duty cast iron and steel construction prevents walking and wobbling during operation
  • Product 2: 9.9-inch by 12.4-inch steel mounting plate accommodates a variety of bolt orientations
  • Product 2: Measures in at 31.5 inch height with an onboard water pot to cool down projects
  • Product 2: Compatible with the entire line of WEN Bench Grinders
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VEVOR Bench Buffer Polisher, 8 inch Buffing Machine 350W 3/4HP Motor with 3600 RPM, Heavy Duty Benchtop Lathe Polishing Machine for Jewelry, Wood, Silver, Amber, Metal, Jade
8" Bench Buffer Polisher
3/4HP Motor & 3600 RPM & Dynamic Balance
This polishing bench adopts a pure copper motor with a 3600 RPM rotation speed and better heat dissipation. This blade grinder allows you to polish the jewelry, aluminum, chrome, acrylic, jade. Adopting a dynamic balance adjustment mechanism, our machine can run more stable and always keep balance.
key Features
8 inch Benchtop Polisher
Our two 8"/20 cm cotton wheels can effectively double your work efficiency by making old surfaces smooth and shiny again.
Stable Steel Base
This bench grinder has increased stability by the steel base and four stable rubber feet. You won't have to worry about stability during operation.
Pure Copper Motor
Boasting a pure copper motor that can reach 3600 RPM, this bench grinder for hobbies helps you finish your projects faster.
Dynamic Balance Adjustment
With a dynamic balance adjustment mechanism, our machine can run consistently and always maintains balance.
For Different Polishing Wheels
The shaft with threat can easily change other wheels without a nut. Various wheels are designed for different functions, such as removing rust and polishing metals by a grinding wheel.
Extensive Application
Whether you're a professional in a busy workshop or a enthusiast doing DIY projects, this polisher buffer can be used anywhere without taking up too much space.
Model: TLG-200BGB
Speed: 3600 RPM
Horse Power: 3/4 HP
Power: 350 W
Voltage: 110 V
Material: Steel
Diameter of Wheel: 8"/20 cm
Package Content
1 x Buffer Benchtop
2 x Cotton Wheels

WEN Bench Grinder Stand, 32-Inch with Water Pot (4288T)
Remember when your bench grinder stayed put? As all woodworkers know, a grinder on a normal work surface often times jostles and skews the other items in a work area due to heavy vibrations created by the grinder. The WEN Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand resolves this issue by providing an independent surface for you to attach your tool. The heavy cast iron and steel design limits vibration while providing a sturdy 31.5 inch pedestal for your grinder to rest on. The stand includes a water pot for quenching workpieces and a reliable three-legged design with bolt holes for fastening your stand to the floor. The 9.9-by-12.4-inch cast-iron top is provided with slots and holes for securely mounting your bench grinder to the stand. And even though this stand was built with the WEN Bench Grinders in mind, its universal design accommodates the majority of bench grinders on the market. And because its a WEN Product. a stocked inventory of replacement parts, and a friendly customer help line, all to make sure you remember WEN.

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