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Wall Groove Cutting Machine, 4800w 6500rpm Slotting Machine Wall Chaser Concrete Cutter with 5 Pieces Saw Blades, for Brick Granite Marble Concrete 42MM Cutting Width/41MM Cutting Depth

Wall Groove Cutting Machine, 4800w 6500rpm Slotting Machine Wall Chaser Concrete Cutter with 5 Pieces Saw Blades, for Brick Granite Marble Concrete 42MM Cutting Width/41MM Cutting Depth

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About this item

  • ??POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT?: Boasts a 4800W all-copper motor with a no-load speed of 6500rpm, ensuring high-efficiency cutting of concrete walls, bricks, and wood.
  • ??ADJUSTABLE CUTTING?: Features the ability to hold up to 7 blades with adjustable cutting depth (up to 1.61") and width (up to 1.65"), allowing for precise and versatile slotting.
  • ??????ERGONOMIC DESIGN?: The machine is designed with a 180° adjustable front handle and a 90° rotatable rear handle for comfortable and flexible operation.
  • ???EFFICIENT ACCESSORIES?: Equipped with a water pump and a 19.68ft hose for wet cutting, extending the blade's life while ensuring the user's health.
  • ???SAFE AND EASY TO USE?: Includes safety features like a leakage protection device, a self-locking switch, and a blade protective cover for secure operation.
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Difficult slotting work can easily be frustrating. But with the help of a good tool, your work will be much easier. This slotting machine is lightweight and efficient, making it your ideal choice! With a 4800W all-copper motor with a speed of 6500rpm and high-strength blades, it can easily cut concrete walls, red bricks, wood, etc., bringing more convenience. With many practical accessories and user-friendly designs, this machine is convenient, simple, safe, and healthy to use. Have it to facilitate your slotting work now!

Key Features?

High Efficiency: Adopting a 4800W all-copper motor and high-strength diamond alloy blades, this machine has a high load speed(6500rpm) and can slot at 90 ° without dead angles, ensuring high efficiency and continuous use without burning out.

Adjustable Slotting: It can accommodate up to 7 5.23-inch blades, and the cutting depth and width can be adjusted by changing the size and number of blades with a maximum of 1.61" in depth and 1.65" in width. You can adjust the blade according to your needs to cut a more suitable area.

Ergonomic Design: The front auxiliary handle is 180° adjustable and the rear main handle is 90° rotatable, together with optimized weight distribution that gives you better control while cutting, allowing you to find the most comfortable angle for labor-saving operation and meeting different work requirements without scraping your hands when slotting into the corners.

Cutting: The water pump with a 19.68ft hose can supply water quickly, improve cutting efficiency, reduce dust splashing during cutting, lower the temperature of the saw blade while extending its service life, and protect the user's health. You can also adjust the water flow through the outflow head.

Convenient Storage&Carrying: The equipped professional toolbox and 13.6 lbs lightweight allow for convenient and effortless storage and carrying. Safe to Use: The leakage protection device on the power cord, self-locking switch, and blade protective cover can all protect your safety and effectively prevent accidents from happening. You only need to loosen the screws, flip the movable cover outward, and then tighten the screws to adjust the protective cover. Carbon Brush Replacement: The carbon brush is designed to the side for easier replacement when needed, effectively ensuring the efficiency and service life of the machine.

Complete Accessories: The five saw blades of 5.23" in diameter can be interchangeably adjusted to improve work efficiency. The practical installation tools help you use this machine with less time and effort.


Heat Dissipation Holes: The heat dissipation holes can effectively discharge the heat during operation and extend its service life.

Extended Power Cord: A 9.8ft power cord allows you to expand your work range, eliminating the need for frequent socket changes.


It is suitable for professional or daily home users such as electricians, plumbers, contractors, and those with strong hands-on abilities. It can be used to cut granite, porcelain, concrete, marble, red brick, sand brick, cement blocks, asphalt, stones, etc.


Color: Black, Red, Grey

Material: Diamond Alloy, Aluminum, Plastic

Motor Type: Pure Copper

Plug: US Standard

Power Source: Corded Electric

Surface Recommendation: Wall

Number of Items: 1

Power: 4800W

Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz

No Load Speed: 6500RPM

Adapter Model: GA1220

Adapter Input: 100V

Adapter Output: DC12V, 2A

Power Cord Length: 3m/9.8ft

Water Pipe Length: 6m/19.68ft

Blade Diameter: 133mm/5.23in

Max. Cutting Size(W*D): 42*41mm/1.65*1.61in

Applicable Blade Diameter: 133mm/5.23in(Up to 7 Blades)

Auxiliary Handle Length: 17cm/6.69in

Product Size(L*H): 45*14cm/17.72*5.51in

Package Size: 54*21*31.5cm/21.26*8.26*12.4in

Gross Weight: 10.3kg/22.7lbs

Net Weight: 6.2kg/13.6lbs

Package Included?

1* Slotting Machine

5* Blades(Four Installed on the Machine)


1*Water Pump

1*Water Pipe

1*English Manual

All Accessories for Assembly


1.Please note that it is necessary to test this product before use. Please do not use it if the test fails.

2.Please note that when using a water pump, the

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